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Exception/Health Bar - Percent Complete

Gerardo Gamez
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Exception/Health Bar - Percent Complete



I wish to know where can I activate the exception/health bar on the work plans for PPM 7.5? Time ago that bar was appearing at the bottom of the work plans indicating that exceptions/health were up to date, but now that bar is not appearing in any work plan, I attach some screens about what I'm talkin' about.


Also I want to know on work plans, how the percent complete is calculated for parent tasks when the child tasks are completed? I'm attaching an example of what I suppose is miscalculating the percent complete, so can anybody explain me how is calculated please?


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Re: Exception/Health Bar - Percent Complete

Hi Gerardo,


Scheduled exeception and health bars are only displayed for those Task that are having the Status as ACTIVE; whereas for statuses like "on-hold", "Complete" and "Cancelled" the exceptions and health bars are not displayed.


Regarding the percentage completed, it is getting calculated from the Actuals...

Utkarsh Mishra

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