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Excel report template: hyperlinks

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Erik Cole
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Excel report template: hyperlinks

Hi...does anyone know how to make a hyperlink field in the Excel report template? For example, I want to recreate what you get when you use the "export to Excel" funtion from within the OOTB Request List portlet and have the request_id field retain the hyperlink format.

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Re: Excel report template: hyperlinks

Hi Erik,

You have to use the <jt:hyperlink> tag. See 

This means that you also need to know the BASE_URL of the server you want to create the link to; different options here:

1) Hard code the URL in your excel template

2) Pass it as a parameter in your report type

3) Use some scripting code in order to retrieve BASE_URL at run time - but that requires invoking some internal PPM Java API that are not officially supported for external use, and might be modified in the future. Still, in case you need it, this one should work: com.kintana.core.server.ServerConfigAgent.getBaseURL().

So, to give you an example of option 3), if the request ID is in a variable id and the request description in a variable description and that you'd like to insert the description as a hyperlink to the request, you would create your hyperlink like that: (not tested, you might need a few adjustments to get it to work):

<jt:hyperlink type="url" address="${com.kintana.core.server.ServerConfigAgent.getBaseURL().concat('/web/knta/crt/RequestDetail.jsp?REQUEST_ID=').concat(id)}" value="${description}"/>

This assumes that BASE_URL looks like https://server:port/itg 





Erik Cole
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Excel report template: hyperlinks

Perfect, thanks!