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Excel Report Question

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Rich Y_1
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Excel Report Question

I'm using a datas source to export PPM data to an excel report.  The data source builds a calendar of users out of the office for each day.  To do this I'm using HTML code and on a Portlet it looks like this


John Smith

Larry Jones

Put if I take that same datasource and do an Excel report the ceill reads

2/15<br>John Smith<br>Larry Jones

Has anyone found a way that PPM can HTML codes to Excel or do you know of a way I can change the Datasource to do the correct line feeds for Excel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Excel Report Question


 Excel "Jett" engine is not able to manage HTML-like tags in spreadsheet cells.


Suggested solution :

1. Get a clean Data Source with NO HTML tags at all.

2. For Portlets, manage HTML code from Portlet Definition itself : PPM is able to use javascript code in Portlet Field area.

PPM limitation : on 9.30, Portlet Export to Excel will not work well. This is fixed on later PPM releases (9.31 unsure, but in 9.32 contains the workaround : new Portlet Preference option "Export to HTML Excel"


Warning :  option "Export to HTML Excel" is not on Portlet Definition side.

I've submitted an enhancement request to fix that functional issue. HP PPM Functional Architect : you had one job ! **bleep** !


3. For Excel report, you will find all tips and tricks to design Excel report like you want in HP PPM Excel Cook Book documentation . (technical information here : )


Kind regards



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Re: Excel Report Question

I forgot few tips :

On Excel report,

you cann add the tags on the same cell, with the font / color / size as you want. Jett will reproduce the cell properties for all the rows.

${myDataSource.TimeSheetPeriod} : ${myDataSource.resourceName} (${myDataSource.resourceManagerName})

Rich Y_1
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Re: Excel Report Question

Thanks for the reply and confirming that HTML will not work in Excel

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Re: Excel Report Question

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