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Error while exporting Dashboard to PDF

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Error while exporting Dashboard to PDF

One of the user has customised few portlets in his personalied dashboard but while trying to exports the dashboard to PDF an error is occuring but interesting point is that the user is able to export few of the portlets from the dashabord but not all or a combination of portlets. I have attached the error in jpg file. Please help.
Sascha Mohr
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Re: Error while exporting Dashboard to PDF

We once had similar issues (don't know if it was the same error though) and HP support told us to add these lines to the server.conf. It may be worth a try.

Daniel Gülzow
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Re: Error while exporting Dashboard to PDF


we are currently facing the same issue running PPM-Center 7.5 SP5 on HP-UX hardware. Having 3 instances (DEV, TEST, PROD) the pdf-export only works in our TEST instance.

After becoming desperate in adding / modifying / removing server.conf parameters (as recommended from HP Support) we found out, that our operating team accidentially installed java instead of in our TEST system. Java is not stated in the system compatibility matrix!

Installing also java in our DEV instance, lets us now exporting pdfs in our DEV instance, too. We are currently in contact with HP Support to get to know if we can leave java installed.

Hope it helps...