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Error when SC call a PPM WebServices

Occasional Advisor

Error when SC call a PPM WebServices


We have a requirement to create request from SC in PPM (PPM v7.1 sp5 and SC 6.2.6), particulary with the Demand Module (DemandService?wsdl) we create our script followed the instructions in the SOA.pdf and the SC WebServices Best practices.pdf

But when we run in SC our script in the script library we get the following message "WSDoAll: Incoming message does not contain required Security Header".

Can anyone tell us how could we resolve this error?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


psd. if any of you have a sample(s) about how we create a request in PPM comming from SC using webservice that could share with us, we really appreciate it.
Christian Henri

Re: Error when SC call a PPM WebServices

Hey asaelmx,

at the moment i'm investigating the PPM Webservice and at the end I also would integrate SC or SM into PPM.

For your Problem I think you have to configure the Security OPtions in PPM for HTTP Basic Authentication only ( see PPM7.5_WebServiceGuide page 46)

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Re: Error when SC call a PPM WebServices

I ran into this problem, too.

I'm using the PPM web services, and the problem was due to misconfiguration. When you're using the WS-Security stuff, you have to define a callback for OutflowSecurity in Axis2. This callback is used to set the appropriate password during message processing.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event