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Error starting User node

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Error starting User node


We have PPM 9.14 on linux.

we had the PPM on abc machine with abc IP address, at that Ip address we were able to bring the server UP successfully.

But due to some network changes,we recieved new IP for the PPM instance hosted on same abc machine, so now we purchased new license file. since we did not hardcode the IP address in server.conf, there was no other places for changes.

But no we face the above issues, only service node would be up but we would get error when we try to bring user node.


We are trying to start PPM having 1 service and 1 node, so when we try to start the PPM, the service node comes up without any issues, but we are not able to bring the User node up.

Please find attached error log.



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Re: Error starting User node

Hello Shijub,

there are a couple of things you can try but I will need a bit more information from you, you mentioned that you did not hardcode the ip in the server.conf file, does that mean that you were going through a dns name instead of the ip? like instead of BASE_URL= it would be BASE_URL=PPMSERVER which would resolve to the ip?


If that is the case did you change the DNS entry to point the DNS name to the new IP?


If you did not need to make any changes to the server.conf file I would sugest that you delete the tmp and work directories from <PPM_HOME>/server/<Node_Name>/ from both the service and the user node, once that has been done redeploy by running and following the instructions..


Let me know if that works



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Re: Error starting User node

I was talking about the server_name as instead of IP address of the server.

Also I tried deleting the tmp and work and running the kclusterdeploy.

then too, I was only able to bring 1 server at a time.



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Re: Error starting User node

Hi All,


Issue got resolved,

the unix team did not configure the host entry for the server.

so when we pinged with hostname, there would be no connection established and the still the IP address of the hostname was still old which was incorrect

Also since we had service node which came up successfully. we deleted all the files under server/usernode

and copied all the contents from the server/servernode into the usernode folder

and then ran, Kupdatehtml, kjspcompiler, and then finally kstart.

and then we had the PPM server up and running.


thanks all for your help and suggestion.