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Error: "Missing Resources"

Katy Cabral
Respected Contributor.

Error: "Missing Resources"

When request type tries to fire a rule, a pop-up window appears:

"Missing Resources. Contact HP Project and Portfolio Management Support with server log or java Console screen."

I've gotten this error before, and HP said it was due to having more than 50 fields in my request header. i have not modified the request header in this instance so i am not sure what is causing it.
Mahen M
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Error: "Missing Resources"

What is the validation of the fields which you have defined in 'Dependency' and 'Results' of the Rules?

See if any validation is of 'Text Area - 4000' or 'Text Area - 1800'

Also when does the error is shown.... As soon as opening the request or any other scenario?

Mahendran M
Respected Contributor.

Re: Error: "Missing Resources"


Even i get this error.
I didnt get the solution for this.

But according to me, this occurs due to the Rules which is malfunction.

some times without rule also this issue is occuring.

If any body know why this error occurs, Please share the solution for this.