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Error on the View Project Quality Integration Page

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Error on the View Project Quality Integration Page

I recently deployed the PluginQuality & PluginQualityVPQ packages on my PPM. And then set up the ALM integration on the Integrations page for View Project Quality.


Now, whenever I open the web page, I am not able to see the integration fields. Instead the page errors out and shows the PPM navigation icons embedded in its place.

I am unable to find anything related to this error. I have tried to clean the app cache using kRunCacheManager, deleting the server/xx/work & tmp directories & running kUpdateHtml as well as kJSPCompiler. No effect on the error. 


Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

The log file says:

ERROR JSESSIONID=DC3B640FA6824767ABC9960AC7F4C49E.HP_PPM_93,USERNAME=admin server:http-bio-8080-exec-11:( EST: Servlet.service() for servlet org.apache.jsp.WEB_002dINF.jsp.common.mainLayout_jsp threw exception
at com.mercury.itg.integration.plugin.quality.beans.QualityIntegrationConfig.getProductName(
at com.mercury.itg.integration.plugin.quality.beans.QualityIntegrationConfig.getDisplayQCVersion(


PPM v9.32

Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

JDK 1.7_U51 x64

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Re: Error on the View Project Quality Integration Page


One of the possible reason is that configurationd data is corrupted.

You can try to delete this configuration, and re-create a ALM configuration from PPM. backup the table first before delete this record.


HP Support
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Re: Error on the View Project Quality Integration Page

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it was indeed an issue with the configuration data. But I was unable to delete and recreate it.

I contacted HPE support and they gave me the correct configuration data to be updated in the database table.

The issue got fixed after that.