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Error on executing 'Synchronize Meta Layer Report'

Super Collector

Error on executing 'Synchronize Meta Layer Report'


On executing 'Synchronize Meta Layer Report',it fails. The package KRML_SYSTEM is invalid in the DB. I tried to recompile the package but it is still invalid.

This is happening for the Dev instance. I checked in Pro for the KRML_SYSTEM package. It is valid there. Copied the code from Prod into dev and tried to compile. It did'nt help. Attached is the Report log. Please help!

Note: We are on 7.1 SP9. Dev is on SP9,Prod on SP4. Does the application of Service Pack have any impact on the KRML_SYSTEM package?
Super Collector

Re: Error on executing 'Synchronize Meta Layer Report'

This issue is now Resolved.

We dropped and recreated the RML Schema.
Created the KRML_EXECUTE package in dev after taking the code from prod.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event