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Error on Command Steps in Workflow

Gerardo Gamez
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Error on Command Steps in Workflow

Hi everyone,


I have a problem with PPM, we have a cluster configuration of PPM with 2 nodes, all info about logs, attachments, etc, are stored on node 1 and is defined on the server.conf file in both nodes, the error here is when a user connected to node 2 open a requirement and advance to another step, if the workflow pass through Step Command execution it gets stuck in a non-valid status like "No Registrado" displaying a error that cannot write in the log folder stored on node 1, something like this: “Attachment File could not be downloaded. The File: REQ_66841/REQ_66841_BID_106892.html no longer exist in the server. Please contact your HP Project and Portfolio Management system administrator. (KNTA-10697)”


Both ITG folders on each node are Shared with permissions to “Everyone Full Control”


So I want to know if there is a special configuration or something else that can help me with this problem.


Thanks and regards.


Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Error on Command Steps in Workflow


I see this as two separate issues,
1. Files on the shared folder being not accessing by another node
2. Execution is failing

Can you do the following,
a. Login through individual PPM node and see if both the above problems can be reproduced on the 2 nodes, if it is access related issue then testing for problem 1 should show success when tried from Primary
b. Access the log folder and see if the log file exist for the request, if it does not exist, then the log files are not getting created properly.

Was the request creation working properly before you moved to clustered environment? Did you execute the sh and sh to do the necessary configuration? Do you have server.conf configured per the sysadmin document?

Niraj P.