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Error occured during retrieving requests

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Error occured during retrieving requests



Some times the following error occurs in PPM 7.1 (We haven't solved this issue. It will be helpfull if anyone suggest solution for this error too :) )


The system encountered a problem while trying to synchronize changes to Quality Center. The changes have been saved in PPM. Please try saving again later in order to complete the synchronization with Quality Center.  Click here to redisplay request details. (KCRT-40199)

When we click "here", it wil redirect to the request page.

But now we upgrade to PPM8.04.

After upgradation, When we click "here", it is showing the following error.


I'm sorry, we were unable to find the page you requested.
The page you requested does not seem to exist. There are some common reasons you might get this error.If you typed the URL directly into the address field it is easy to mistype a page name or path. Please quickly verify you typed in the address you intended.Sometimes when you follow a URL from an email, the mail reader has accidentally broken up the URL into pieces. This means the browser has not received the full URL. An easy way to fix this is to select the full URL in the email, copy it, and paste it into the browser address field.If neither of these situations has occurred, please take note of the page URL and notify your Administrator that you received a HTTP 404 error. It could be the result of a problem with the configuration.

 Can anyone tell what is the cause for this and what we should do to solve it??


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Error occured during retrieving requests



I see them as two different issues, the first error, is related to QC integration:


This error generally happens whenever there is a miscommunication issue between the PPM server and the QC server. This can be due to special characters being used in your projects, misconfigured request types or misconfigured settings of each server.

1-Just to verify, can you tell me if the QC defect is EVER updated (after leaving about 1 hour for the services to update the items?) Can you also tell me if your QC instance is set in a language other than English and if your PPM instance has any language packs?

2-Can you reproduce with any other request and defect? Even if they are of the same request type and belong to the same project in QC?

3-If you make a copy of the request in PPM, can you see the same issue?


4-Does this issue happens when trying to update the defect from QC to PPM?


5-Check the serverLog files, can you indentify any error like:


“Unable to find field mapping for context ……”


****On regards the second error:


"I'm sorry, we were unable to find the page you requested"


Please let us know the exact options/menu where you are getting this error about the URL?



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