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Error message on User Nodes

Regular Collector

Error message on User Nodes

Does anyone know what the cause of this error message would be:


:scheduler_Worker-0:com.mercury.itg.core.monitor.impl.ServerManagerImpl:2012/07/07-08:56:48.612 CDT: Cannot contact claimed services node instance ID=34397 name=Production_BackGroundServices. Was it uncleanly shutdown?
:scheduler_Worker-0:com.mercury.itg.core.monitor.impl.ServerManagerImpl:2012/07/07-08:56:49.612 CDT: Cannot contact claimed services node instance ID=34393 name=Production_BackGroundServicesNode5. Was it uncleanly shutdown?


We are seeing this repeatedly on 2 of our user nodes.We have 9 total user nodes.  None of our other User nodes are logging this error in the server logs.


Version: 8.02




HPE Expert

Re: Error message on User Nodes



This simply means that in PPM_SERVER_INSTANCE table, that node is listed as active when it's not.


The message is generated by the fix for QCCR1L26787: Non-services-enabled nodes under certain conditions insert indefinitely into JMS_MESSAGES. Subsequent startup of another node may cause a constraint violation on JMS_MESSAGES


It shows the fix is doing its job, so the message is not a problem and you can ignore it.


If you still want it to go away, just take a backup and delete the contents of PPM_SERVER_INSTANCE table when your cluster is down.





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