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Error in "Edit Costs"

Marc Canovas
Valued Contributor.

Error in "Edit Costs"



I've made some changes in the "Edit Costs" section, because we want to change the Type validation  (Labor, Non-Labor). Because of the impossibility of changing the Validation via Workbench, I edited the KNTA_LOOKUPS_LOC and KNTA_LOOKUPS_NLS, in order to have my own values. Now I have three type options, and I've alse modified the Category validation, depending on the type (2 differents options).


The issue is that now, when I add a Cost line that belongs to the old Non-Labor Category (I mean, when I introduce a value of the "CST - Budget Non-Labor Category" validation), an error is shown, and the Cost Line cannot be added.


The message is:


  An unknown exception has occurred. Please reload the page you were editing and try again.   The following is a stack trace of the exception:

An unknown error has occurred. For more information, please contact your PPM administrator and provide the following GUID number:


Could your help me, or you need more info about my DATABASE changes?



Thank you for advance,