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Error deleting project

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Error deleting project

Having a tough time deciphering what could be wrong here.


We have a project with no work plan and no references (verified this via backend queries).  When trying to delete the project, we just get a generic "An Error has Occurred" message. 


After trying to unsuccessfully delete the project, I attempted to see if perhaps some other issue was causing the problem and tried to modify the security of the project.  In doing so, I received another error message as noted below:


An unknown exception has occurred. Please reload the page you were editing and try again.
The following is a stack trace of the exception:

An unknown error has occurred. For more information, please contact your PPM administrator and provide the following GUID number:



The server log gives the following additional detail, which isn't very telling:


server:http- CDT: nested detail:com.mercury.itg.exceptions.ObjectNotFoundException



Any ideas?

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Re: Error deleting project



Could you please share with us the screenshots and serverlogs regarding this issue? That way we can give you a more accurate advice on this.


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