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Error 500: Unknown error when I try to delete

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Error 500: Unknown error when I try to delete



I'm trying to clean database and I have some problems. We have the following structure with workflows:

request referenced with other requests that can have several references to projects. (requests1--> requests2 --> projects)


So I am not sure which of these 3 entities I have to delete before. To delete the projects references with a request2 referenced I have executed the following command in order to have a button "Delete" in the Project:


update pfm_lifecycle_parent_entity set proposal_req_id = NULL where proposal_req_id = <ID request2>


After that I have delete the Project. When I have tried to delete request2, the followong error appeared:

Error 500: Unknown error


and now I can't delete the requests...



Can anyone help?


Thanks and regards!

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Re: Error 500: Unknown error when I try to delete

Hi Esteri,


you should never remove data from the backend directly. Especially with projects and requests there are so many inter-reference with time management, financial management etc, that you are bound to cause corruptions.


Roll back the database changes by restoring the database to a pre-change situation, log a case with HP support to ask for assistance on removing projects and the like from the database. Mind you, we don't have any general solution to this, we normally state that projects should be closed or cancelled, since they are part of the lifecylce entity and we mostly need them.


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