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Environment creation

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Environment creation

Hello Team, We are planning to migrate objects from Windows server to unix server. we are trying to build the Environment for that windows server in PPM, what are the configuration that is recommended that we have to use while building a environment in PPM which is a windows server. What should be the connection protocol, transfer protocol, stream encoding for a windows 2008 server. Thanks, Kalyan
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Re: Environment creation

This entirely depends on how you set up the Windows server. You could use the Windows Telnet service, or you could use the Cygwin SSH. Whatever you use on the server is what you will need to put in the Environment settings.

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Re: Environment creation

Hello Kalyan,


For windows environment, it is required to install the UNIX command emulator Cygwin.

You can get Cygwin from

Currently Openssh is fully supported through Cygwin, but not through PPM because it is open source.

This is the document we have all used in the lab and sent to customers:, or in the Admin Guide, check Installing a UNIX Emulator and Telnet Server (Windows)

For best practices of Openssh, see


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