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Email trigger notification Alert

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Email trigger notification Alert

Hi All,

We have email trigger notification, when the status of the defect is changed. But we have got an email even before we did any changes in the request.

Would like to know, if there any parameters which mite be set,

if the Request has not actioned and which would have triggered the mail,

 if so would like to know where to change this, and how to change the mail template.





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Re: Email trigger notification Alert

Hi Pachi,


Could you please find your mysterious email in KNTA_NOTIF_TXN_PARENTS table. This table stores a list of all the packages, Issues, or Report Submissions that have notifications to be sent.


Then find PARENT_KEY_ID field. This field contain foreign Key to the KDLV_PACKAGES, KCRT_REQUESTS, or KTNA_REPORT_SUBMISSIONS tables.


After then find NOTIFICATION_ID and find this number in KNTA_NOTIFICATIONS_NLS table. This table stores the definition of each notification created by the user. These notifications are used as a template to create the actual email notifications that are triggered by events in PPM Center. For example, the Workflow Step Notification is triggered to create an email by a change in the workflow step and status for a package line. For DM and DepM notification types, the CONDITION_VALUE maps to the workflow_step and the EVENT_VALUE maps to the status.


With following above way you can find request type and/or workflow step.



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Re: Email trigger notification Alert

Hi Pachi.


1. If you have configured notification on step just make control on Event parameter in notification.  Like Specific result or Eligible... can you provide screen shots of your step parameters and notification parameters? It will be more clear for all. 


2. If you developed a DB trigger thats sends notification on request changes just make control the condition in this trigger..