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Email notification to multiple address

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Email notification to multiple address

Apart from using Security Group Type, is it possbile to send email notification to multiple users from a workflow step? we can't create a security group excluseively for notifications and it will not be possible to create security groups if the list of people to be notified are going to change dynamically. Any ideas welcome. Thanks!
Sascha Mohr
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Email notification to multiple address

Sure, as recipients of the notification enter each of the user as a recipient, if it is always the same three or so users. If the names and the number of the recipients are different for each request, you should have the names in one or more fields. In this case you use a standard or costom token as the recipient. For standard fields there are standard token, you will easily find the right one, for custom field you need to construct the corresponding custom token like this
REQ = Field in is header of the request (otherwise REQD)
P = take the invisible value e.g. the USER_ID(S); VP would be the visible, make sure you chose the right option for recipient type.
CUSTOM_FIELD = the token name of the custom field.

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Re: Email notification to multiple address

Thanks for the response!

To be specific, my question was to send a notification to email addresses(or usernames) which is contained in a field of the request form. When a custom token of the field is given, PPM just takes the first email address and sends the email. Notifications are not sent to the remaining people. the field will have values like ";". I tried with usernames instead of email addresses and this didn't work either. Were you successful in sending email to multiple people contained in a single field from PPM workflow notifcation? Thanks!
Sachin M
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Re: Email notification to multiple address


The custom field in which you are entring username or email addresses there you need to convert the seprator to '#@#'. As if you are seprating these with ';' or ',' it is fine but when you are saving it in database try to convert it with '#@#' with the help of custom sql or plsql function.

hope this will help you.


Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: Email notification to multiple address


We are doing this successfully here. Here's how:

(1) Create a multiselect-enabled field that stores the users in the usual format, ie. uses a validation based on 'PPM - User Id - Enabled' that stores User ID and Full Name in the back end separated by the #@# delimiter.

(2) In your workflow step notification, set the Recipient to 'User Defined Token', Recipient Type to 'User ID', and use your field's 'P' token, like [REQD.P.NOTIFY_AUDIENCE]

This will work as long as the users all have e-mail addresses stored in their user accounts.

The reason it is not treating your string of e-mail addresses as separate addresses is because of what Sachin said above - your field is not multi-select, it is text field, so it is not treating your ; characters as delimiters when it saves to the DB.

If you require the field to contain e-mail addresses specifically instead of PPM users, it _maybe_ could be done but if you can do it like I outlined above it is a piece of cake.
Sascha Mohr
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Email notification to multiple address

You could create a validation that lists the email address of PPM users and then use that validation in a multi-value field. This way and using the P parameter as Erik described will also work (PPM handles the separators).
If you want to have a field, in which you manually enter multiple email-adresses.. that would be tricky, as there is no field type that can validate an email-adress; even custom component types will not allow that, as far as I know.
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