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Email Processor Services in HP PPM v 9.14

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Email Processor Services in HP PPM v 9.14

Dear all,


We have upgraded from ITG 6.0 to HP PPM v 9.14.


We have had the custom functionality for email approvals which is not working after upgrade.


In 6.0 we have had couple of below parameters added to run the email processor service...




I have inserted the new row in knta_services table to add the above services in 9.14,


Java_class for email processor service is "com.kintana.sops.emailprocessor.server.EmailProcessorService".


Now the services are visible, enabled, but not running.


Any idea about would be the job_class (one of the columns in knta_services table) for email processor service and how can we execute the custom services?


Thanks & Regards,