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Email Notifications are not working

TTRB Pradeep
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Email Notifications are not working


We have implemented HP PPMC 7.5 on IBM AIX machine.After this we found that email notificatons are not working.

We are able to ping the SMTP complient server from the HP PPMC application server's machine.
but still the email notifications are not happening.We checke all the possible server.conf parameters for this functionality which are fine.

We even checked the connectivity between the HP PPM application server's machine to SMTP server by telnet on the port 25 which is working fine.

When I checked the server logs I am getting the error which is mentioned below

"server:Notification Service:com.kintana.core.notifications:2010/12/23-12:59:25.143 CET: SMTP command MAIL From: failed. Return Code = 554"

When I contacted SMTP serrver support people they are saying the SMTP server is not getting any request from HP PPM application server's IP address.

We have implementd this on clusterd environment.

Thanks & Best Regards
Pradeep TTRB
Jim Esler
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Re: Email Notifications are not working

SMTP return codes are documented at

The explanation for return code 554 documents several reasons this error can be reported. It includes the following text:

In most other cases, however, a recipient mail server will
return an SMTP REPLY 554 when its anti-spam firewall
does not like the senderâ s email address, or the
senderâ s IP address, or the senderâ s ISP server
(because, for example, they are listed in an RBL) and
where you will therefore either need to have the sender
whitelist you in their anti-spam program/appliance, or,
worse, you will need to take steps to have either your IP
address or your ISPâ s servers (if you send mail through
your ISP) de-listed from one or more RBLs (RBL =
Realtime Blackhole List â also called Realtime Blacklist
Daniel Galvez
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Re: Email Notifications are not working

Hi TTRB Pradeep,

Ask to the SMTP admin to give you relay access to the ppm servers or ask for a relay account that can send the notifications.