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Editing Validations

Daniel U
Occasional Advisor

Editing Validations

Is there a way to provide a facility to users through the Demand side to edit Validations? Not all of our users have access to Change Management to be able to update the validations, and we want to provide a way for them to do so through Demand. We would rather not make it a separate Demand request though, if avoidable. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
Tim Brandish
Frequent Visitor

Re: Editing Validations

1. create a workflow decision step that is restricted to these users.
2. create a field in the request type that is an autocomplete that brings up all of the validations that you want the user to be able to modify (restrict by security group).
3. the user would choose the validation they want to modify.
4. user clicks workflow decision step.
5. execution step then populates other fields in request type with information that they can change (ie validation SQL, knta_lookups values, etc) via stored procedure run by execution step.
6. user modifies these fields.
7. user clicks next workflow step to update these values.
8. execution step runs stored procedure to update validation.

It would be much easier to give the user the access grant to modify validations. Another option is to create a cold fusion or php page .
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event