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Duration vs. Work

Nir Hadar
Valued Contributor.

Duration vs. Work

Hi all,
In the MS project when you assign a resource with 50% work ability to a task the duration of the task is doubled, meaning, the duration is calculated according to the % of resource allocation, it seems like the PPM doesn't work that way, I tried to assign a resource with availability of 50% but the PPM didn’t recalculate the task duration.
Is there any way to calculate the task duration according to the resource availability?
Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Duration vs. Work

Hi Nir,

Trying setting up the option below (and also attached for ease),

Open the 'Project Type' then select > 'Cost and Effort' then see section > 'Scheduled Effort in the Work Plan' > and select the checkbox 'Use Scheduled Effort during planning'. Let know if still does not work.