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Duplicate email notificaitons : PPM 7.0.1 SP 2

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Duplicate email notificaitons : PPM 7.0.1 SP 2

Hi All,

Recently we had an issue where email notifications werent being triggered to the users for the ITG's raised from demand management. Upon investigating we found out that the DB server was restarted without PPM being stopped.

So we had to stop PPM service, clear tmp and work folders, run and start PPM service.

After doing this, the email notifications are being triggered in multiple copies and the number of copies is huge.

We checked SMTP server and everything looks fine. We updated the table knta_notif_txn_parents and set notification_sent_flags to 'Y' wherever it was 'N'. Even then the issue persists.

Kindly suggest what has to be done to resolve this issue. We are using PPM version 7.1 SP 9.