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Download the language pack HP PPM V8

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Download the language pack HP PPM V8


I have installed a HP PPM V8 instance in english version.

Now I would like to install the language pack to add the French lang.

According to the HP document PPM8.00_Releasenote_LangPack.pdf , I need the file  ppm-801-LP-multi-lang.jar

But I don't find any link on HP Support site to download this file.

Can anybody help me and provide me a URL to download this file ?






Marlene Mazzeo
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Re: Download the language pack HP PPM V8

I ended up having to open a case with HP in order to get the file; I too could not find it on their site.   (Ended up doing a webex to show them what I was seeing in order to have them send me a link to the file)

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Re: Download the language pack HP PPM V8



I wrote a document about this - KM869303, which you can find on the self solve pages.

Basically, the need-to-do is as follows:


Generally, all Software is obtainable on the HP-site  and there in the new section 'My Updates'.
NOTE: To obtain updates from this site, it is necessary to have a valid SAID linked to a contact profile and that the product itself is associated with the SAID.
How to get to 'My Updates':
- use the 'Downloads'-Tab
- click the 'Software Updates'-box
- Press 'My Updates'
- Login using the HP Passport
- Either choose the pre-entered SAID or enter the correct SAID
- Acknowledge the agreement terms and conditions
- Choose the software that you need
For Project and Portfolio Management Center 7.5, choose
HP PPM 7.50 English SW E-Media, Product # T5570CAE
and press 'Get Software Updates'
In the next window, choose the same product and to the right, press 'Get Download'.
One will be able to then choose from the following:
- HP PPM 7.5 English Media - Installation (T5570-15043.iso)
- HP PPM 7.5 English Media - Upgrade Release 1 (T5570-15052.iso)
- Managing Apps Change 1.0 for PPM 7.5 (T5570-15044.iso)
- HP PPM 7.5 Language Pack MLU (T5570-15053.iso)
For Project and Portfolio Management Center 8.0, choose
HP PPM 8.00 Multi Language SW E-Media # T5570DAE
and use the same procedure as described for PPM 7.5 to obtain the software image.
NOTE: For PPM 8.0, there is only ONE image available for download:
PPM 8.00 Multi Language (T5570-15056.iso)
This image contains the clean-install bundle AS WELL AS the upgrade-bundle.
Highlight one of the software packages and then use either 'Download Directly' or the 'Use HP Download Manager'-Button to obtain the software-image



For the Language Pack specifically, choose HP PPM 8 Languages pack SW E-Media, press 'Get Software updates', in the next window press 'get software' and then in the final window you will be offered the electronic download.