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Doubt in request number

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Doubt in request number



We have been trying to create requests in PPM thru 'Import Requests' report.

For instance:

- While create requests via Import Requests report, the requests number assigned is '35945'.

- But while creating requests normally (i.e. via browser), the requests number is '35920'


By question is, due to this will there be any problem arising in the future, as the numbers will be coinciding with each other at some point?

Has anyone faced this issue? Any suggestions



Roopesh Kumar

Jim Esler
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Re: Doubt in request number

A PPM node reserves a group of request ids from the database sequence and caches them for use as needed. Several parts of the code do this independently so requests created via different paths do not use ids that are overall sequential. There is no danger of duplication of ids, though. A single id will not be used for more than one request. I believe the sequence is configured by default to allocate 20 ids at a time.

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Re: Doubt in request number

Hi Kumar,


Please check ID sequence and publish the result and if it's ok or not with us:

select kcrt_requests_s.nextval from dual;


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