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Does anyone use 'Apply on copy' rules in a Request?

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Does anyone use 'Apply on copy' rules in a Request?

I have had no luck in making positive use of this type of request rule.  Some background...

I am implementing a 'Downstream-Impacts' process in a Generic application change CR.

I have a validation which lists all the various applications in our system that can be changed by our IT and included in that table for each entry are other applications which can potentially be impacted by modifications to the initial application.

So far, so good.

When an app is selected in the CR, the reviewer is to determine which of these potential downstream impacts need to be reviewed.

A note is generated to an SME for the possibly impacted app to do a review of this liklihood.

They then will determine the level of impact if any and based upon their response, a child request is spawned using the same CR type but with the new application in the application code field.  That process can then occur recursively as far as necessary.

So, to my issue - in spawning the new child requests, I am attempting to fire certain rules.

I naturally assumed that I could use the 'Apply on Copy' ruletype in the new Request to get stuff done.


Those rules never fire - either in the parent request at copy time or in the child request at submission time.

I have ended up making do with 'Apply on Creation' and wording the rule such that it will work whether it be the parent request or the new child request.  The published documentation has been less than helpful.

This is annoying.

Has anyone else successfully made use of the 'Apply on Copy' ruletype?


I am running PPM 9.14_0005, and am going to be upgrading to latest 9.3 version in a few months.

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Re: Does anyone use 'Apply on copy' rules in a Request?

I am getting the impression that nobody really makes use of these rule types - perhaps because they simply don't work?

Derek Giedd
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Re: Does anyone use 'Apply on copy' rules in a Request?

We have used this to set the values of a few fields when the request type is copied.  We have not seen any issues with this.

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