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Documentum Connector

Marlene Mazzeo
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Documentum Connector

I am having trouble getting much information about the Documentum Connector.  What does it allow you to do?  And are you then requried to use this for all attachments?  Or is the Connector more flexible, and you could use if you wanted to?  Or just integrate with certain request types?  Looked through all the documentation I could find, but still have questions.  Not sure if anyone is already using.  Examples below of how we might want to integrate the two:


  1. Place link to Documentum document (based on object ID) in Kintana change control field. (Support any custom documentum doc type and DCO/DCR)
  2. View PDF rendition (with PSS overlay and, where applicable, signature manifest) by clicking link (preferably without having to log into Documentum but with log in is okay)
  3. Enforce Documentum security model on items linked in Kintana
  4. Support for DCM, where applicable
  5. Annotate PDF renditions using Annotation Services with Adobe Acrobat installed on the client.
  6. Annotations stored in Documentum repository and associated with document version
  7. Pull Kintana change control field values into Documentum DCO/change order metadata fields
  8. Pull approval history from Kintana to a field in a Documentum DCO/change order metadata field
  9. Link in Documentum DCO metadata field to associated Kintana change control
  10. Dynamic metadata lookup function in Documentum for fields in Kintana change control
  11. Ability to initiate Documentum DCO creation process from link or button in Kintana Change control (function is exposed based on certain criteria being met).
  12. Ability to port Kintana electronic approvals to Documentum DCO audit trail maintaining part 11 electronic record integrity
  13. Provide or support pass-through authentication using Radius or similar
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Re: Documentum Connector

Hi Marlene,


Documentum Connector allows you to use a Documentum server to store all the attachments from PPM.


You currently have to either use the "Standard" file system based system for attachments, or use the Documentum Connector.


The advantage of using the Documentum Connector is that it provides DMS features such as Check-in/Check-out, versioning, and full-text search on requests' attachments files directly from PPM.

Please note that non-admin users don't have the possibility to modify  the PPM documents stored on Documentum Server except when doing so from PPM (but they have read access). This is enforced at the Documentum level.


Please note that if you are using the Documentum Connector, all your attachments in PPM will be stored in Documentum, you can't use it only for some of the attachments.


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