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Deployment Management - common user issue

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Deployment Management - common user issue


We use a common user "admin" which has an account in all the environments to deploy codes.

So whenever a new environment is configured, we have this admin user account created on the new environments and also have this environment created on hp ppm side with server and client have this user account to communicate with this application environment.

Now, we have more than 200 environments approx, so now we wanted to change the password for this admin user account , is there any way in which all the admin accounts password used in configuring in the HP PPM systems gets reflected in one step.





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Re: Deployment Management - common user issue



Yes you can do it....


Open Workbench ->  Environment window


Then open Environment (MENU) -> Update Password.


This will do the mass update i.e where ever the admin password is used it will updated them and will also show the list.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Surendra Poosar
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Re: Deployment Management - common user issue

Go ahead and update the admin password for one environment manually. For the remaiing environments you can write a query to update from the backend.


update kenv_environements

set  server_password = (select server_password from kenv_environments where env_name = <updated_environment>)

last_updated_by = <>

last_update_date = sysdate

entity_last_update_date = sysdate


env name in (........)