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Deleting Projects

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Deleting Projects


We want to delete all projects at the same time. We have to enter into all projects to delete project. Do you have know any script?
(Version:ppm 8.01)

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Mahen M
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Re: Deleting Projects

I think you cannot delete a project if there is Time entered through timesheet. Logically it should not allow you to delete.....

There are lot of associated tables since it is a project.... I tried in the past and had to restore from back up.

Mahendran M
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Re: Deleting Projects

Hi Dilruba,

you can delete the projects with actuals by giving the "Delete projects with actuals" access grant to a specific user account or group (normally this should be only the admin) from the workbrench.

But as far as i know,you should do it one by one from the PPM interface as you described it.Of course you can delete them from the database but this is not advised,there is lots of related tables and the results can be catastrophic.

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