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Defining skills in Mercury 6.0 - how to split region rates?

Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

Defining skills in Mercury 6.0 - how to split region rates?

Our company is using Mercury IT Governance center v6.0. At this moment we are implementing company resource management using Mercury capabilities. I have 2 questions regarding this. May be some one could shed some light on this topic.

Question 1: Let's assume we have Skill = "SW Designer" people located in BJ and Finland. Skill cost rate is different depending on location - it is cheaper in BJ. What is the good way in Mercury to define a skill and 2 different location based cost rates?

I know only one option - to define 2 skills:
"SW Designer BJ" cost rate = X
"SW Designer Finland" cost rate = Y

However, this way we duplicate same skills. In reality we have many more locations and this solution will lead to enormous duplication in skill database.

Are there any other options? Like definine skill only once and then specifying different cost rates depending on location?

Question 2: There is a drop down box next to skill name when you create a new skill "Regional cost rate:". In this drop down box you can select region. Could someone explain what is the purpose of this drop down box? Since only one region can be selected for a skill. I do not get it.

Thank you in advance!

Mohiuddin Shaik
Frequent Contributor.

Re: Defining skills in Mercury 6.0 - how to split region rates?

Hi Alexei,

Answer to question1:
There is a option of selecting a userdata for the skills.
You have to add a region field with your desired regions list as an autocomplete or drop down list in the user data of skills and create the skills with same names and different regions,this may resolve your issue.

Shaik Mohiuddin.