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Defining a simple text line not so simple?


Defining a simple text line not so simple?

Dear expert,


I want to achieve the following :


when I open a Financial Summary in either a proposal or a project, in the window that is opened , I want to add the following text :

Note : when you enter a cost line that has zero forecast, dont enter a 0 but leave blank.



What I did to achieve that is to modify the USER DATA Forecast User Data:


1. Define a new field

2. Validation of text field - 200

3. Display only to YES

4. Add a constant value to display the text as described above.


Somehow, no result. 


Security settings are : Visible to all users


What am I doing wrong?


Any help is appreciated!


Derek Giedd
Honored Contributor.

Re: Defining a simple text line not so simple?

When you initially look at this field in the Cost Details you will only see the field prompt.  If you click Add Costs, you will see the prompt and the default value.  After you click Save and go back to the Financial Summary, you will see the note.


It seems the default value is not populated until you edit the costs.  

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