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Default landing page in PPM

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Default landing page in PPM

Hi ,

Is it possible to set a default landing page(Admin Module) to a set of users (Security Group or individual users) if we have already set the default landing page from Open-> Admin->Module->Conf Default landing page?

I tried to update the dsh_container_sequence and it’s working if we are not set the default landing page

We need default landing page(Common setting) and need to overwrite this to a set of other users.
Please help, if any one come across this issue or have idea.

Rinu Varghese

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Re: Default landing page in PPM

Hi Rinu,


as far as I'm aware, the issue is as follows and is described in the ‘Create Portlets and Modules Guide’ on pages 139 and forward.


As you know, there are three different sets of pages that you can configure:

-        The dashboard private pages;

-        The dashboard shared pages;

-        The landing page.


The landing page is the default PPM Dashboard page that displays when a user logs on to PPM Center.This page can be configured by the applicationadministrator.


If the user does not have access to the module that contains the landing page, the user’s first private page is used as the default PPM Dashboard page.

If the user also does not have any private pages configured, the first shared page is used as the default PPM Dashboard page.


Thus, as an administrator, you are free to drop the Landing Page which is configured for all users. You want to drop it.

You then want to have the users that log in either move their landing page that you want them to have to the first shared page in the list. From there they can move it to the first page of their respective private list, that will then be their landing page.


If you don’t want to give the users any choice of what they MAY do, you have to remove the ability to create private pages and move their intended landing page to the first list in the shared pages.


To give users access to these modules, you need to edit the security access to those modules and only allow the security group in which those users are contained to see this module.


In the module itself, you set the allowance to a security group for that module.

That means, each user in that module with access grants to that module will see the FIRST module to which he or she has access as landing page.

IF and when a user is in several security groups which have access to different modules, then he or she will see the first module in the order that you have set in the shared pages first, then to any other module that he or she has access to later in that order.



There are four modules.

Module A- Sec group 1 access

Module B – Sec group b and c access

Module C - sec group b access

Module D – sec group 1 access


You have three security groups:

Sec Group 1 – User a

Sec Group 2 – User b

Sec Group 3 - User c



User a will see Module A as landing page but will also see Module D

User b will see Module B as landing page but will also see Module C

User c will only see Module B as landing page and will see no further modules under shared pages.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,



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