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Data Purge

Daniel U
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Data Purge

Over the past few months we have been using ITG very extensively (v6.0 sp10) and our workflow tables are growing large very quickly. This is starting to have an impact on migrations and opening certain packages that have a lot of package lines could take up to 15 minutes. Over the past 2 months, our KWFL_STEP_TRANSACTION_HISTORY table has grown by 2 million records. This problem will only get worse. There must be a smart way to approach purging some of this data, and I am wondering if anyone has gone through this and can offer some pointers.

Thanks in advance!
Jim Esler
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Re: Data Purge

You do not indicate how big the table is. Ours currently has 7522169 entries and performance is fine. We are running 6.0 SP14. We are running Oracle RAC on three Sun-Fire-V490 servers.

We have been having performance problems with the Request List portlet, though. Our DBA has been able to make dramatic improvements with the following Oracle Optimizer directives:

optimizer_index_caching integer 50
optimizer_index_cost_adj integer 50

An analysis of your database may point you toward a similar temporary solution to your performance issues. That said, we also have decided we will need a process to archive data and keep the operational database trimmed down.
Shashank Mane

Re: Data Purge

We do have a custom purging solution for 6.0 that purges workflow transaction tables resulting in improved performance. If you need any further details, please contact me at