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Data Loss of staffing profile upon chaging the dates.

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Data Loss of staffing profile upon chaging the dates.



I have attempted to make a date change on a staffing profile and somehow managed to lose all the data. 

No baseline or extracted copy prior to making the change.


I have extended the end date from Dec 2013 to March 2014.  I don't believe I've ever seen this cause loss of data from that type of change unless there was some type of initial entry error that moved it completely outside of the original date range.  

Do you guys know of any way to track what happened or recover the data ?  


Please advice on this.




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Re: Data Loss of staffing profile upon chaging the dates.



Could not find anything in the Support Database for this kind of behavior.


I would try these things:

1) Change the period (it is showing in Months, try the other periods, may be just a display issue)

2) Logout and log back in clearing the browser's cache

3) Check with the Resource Manager if the Staffing Profile's Resource Requests still show in the Resource Pool, make a minor change to the assignment, save the change, see if it updates the Staffing Profile


There is not an auditing feature for changes to a Staffing Profile, so there would not be a way to track what happened and if the data is gone the only way to get it back is to restore the data from a backup of the database schema (though hopefully above helps).



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Re: Data Loss of staffing profile upon chaging the dates.

Hi Shravya,


as per my other threads answer:

The issue should ONLY occur for forecasts and only THEN if data was present for a period which is now outside that start and end date of the Staffing Profile.


Change start date forward from the profile FROM March to September xxxx and you'd lose all forecast before September.

Change end period backward from the profile FROM October to August xxxx and you'd lose all forecase from September and October.

This is expected behaviour.

However, if you push the Staffing Profile end date out as in your example, you should not lose any data.. only, if you also pushed forward the start date, then you'd lose the data for the months that are no longer covered.


If your example is therefore complete - follow Mikes hints - if they don't help, log a support ticket with complete information on what you did.


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