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Dashboard deployment loses portlet settings

Acclaimed Contributor

Dashboard deployment loses portlet settings

G'day gurus,

I've recently migrated a module (dashboard) from our dev environment to test. The dashboard appears with all the portlets, but one (or more) of the OOTB portlets within the dashboard have some settings missing. eg. the Resource Request Portlet has 7 "Displayed Columns" selected in dev while the migrated test version has none selected. Is there an option I need to check or do I need to migrate anything other than the module to get those settings to come along for the ride?

Andrea Loi

Re: Dashboard deployment loses portlet settings

I experienced this problem in PPM7.
It happened only when deploying existing modules. It never happened with new modules.

At the end we knew it and adjusted modules manually.

But you can try this workaround: empty the module (by deploying an ampty module with same name) and then deploy your module.

I hope that it's useful.
If you find a better solution, please, let me know.

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Dashboard deployment loses portlet settings

Thanks for the suggestion Andrea. Unfortunately, it didn't work. We're using PPM8.00. I tried deploying an empty modules of the same name and then re-deploying my module, emptying out the destination module and deploying my module, and deleting the existing module altogether and deploying my module. All with no luck. It seems that it's only tabular style portlets with the option to select which columns to display. The rest come across fine.
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