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DMS delete buton

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DMS delete buton

Hey all,


Dms is active in the system. As you can see in the below image, there is a delete buton when the document is being edited. It is wanted to remove this delete buton. They think a user can delete old version of a document. Is there a parameter or way to remove this delete buton?Thanks, Sev 

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Re: DMS delete buton

I searched the Support Database and did not find a workaround for this.


It looks like it would be in the DocumentWindow.jsp, though I only know the basic functionality of PPM, and the fix would require a customization.


Probably will want to log an Enhancement Request.



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Re: DMS delete buton

Hi, sevcan,

You need to modify 2 jsp files: DocumentNoEdits.jsp and CheckIn.jsp. Search the forum for these files, i recently saw a post related to this. You should also kudo the author of the post :)


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