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Customizing the instance - how does it work???

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Customizing the instance - how does it work???



we want to customize our instance trying to add the hostname to the administration's section in the menu.xml.

I read the "Customize the Standard Interface Guide" and executing the steps described on page 34 "

Changing Menu Item Text"


Executed Steps:


  1. Create (see attachment
  2. Adding a new resource (see attachment
  3. Edit the menu.xml
  4. Stop and restart the server

The changes did not work and i got an error during the startup of the server. Please can someone have a look on the files?


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Re: Customizing the instance - how does it work???

Hi Sascha,


looking at the menu.xml for the modified part, I see the following:


- <menu id="PRODUCT_INFORMATION_MENU" key="PRODUCT_INFORMATION_MENU_TEXT.TXT" bundle="KNTA_Resources" seq="10020">
- <menu id="LIBRARY_MENU" key="LIBRARY_MENU_TEXT.TXT" bundle="KNTA_Resources">
  <url>javascript&colon;openWindoid('/itg/pdf/dochome.htm',800, 500,'toolbar=yes,location=no,directories=no,status=yes,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,copyhistory=no')</url>
  --> <script type="text/javascript"></script>
- <menu id="AboutMercuryITGMenuItem" key="ABOUT_MERCURY_IT_GOVERNANCE_CENTER_MENU_TEXT.TXT" bundle="KNTA_Resources">
  <url>javascript&colon;openWindoid('/itg/web/knta/global/AboutMercuryITG.jsp', 800, 500)</url>
  <menu id="ResourceFinderMenuItem" key="hostname" bundle="MyResources" />
You have four times <menu id...
You have three times </menu>
Thus your html-encapsulation is not complete.
I also don't know if you just want to use this as a label, so informational without a URL or anything but would put a dash for indenting ahead of the <menu id... line.
If it still fails after that, can you show the error-message that you are referring to?
Thanks and best regards,