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Customize Submit Button


Customize Submit Button


I want to customize the requests "Submit" button. I have changed the value of the SUBMIT_BUTTON_CAPTION.TXT key in knta_i18n_resources table.
But this has no effects.
I have restarted PPM and the database.
I have the JSP files recompiled.

But the button name is still "Submit".

PPM 7.1 SP8
Any ideas?

Thank you
Semenov Alexand
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Customize Submit Button

Hi, you need to customize jsp files.But I don't recommend you chande jsp files i.e. next SP clear you changes

Re: Customize Submit Button


thank you for your answer.
But I'm not agree with you.
The jsp's containts so called keys, it is some kind of a token.
For this reason it is not necessary to change the jsp's as long as you change the corresponding value in the knta_i18n_resources table.
But it seems to be that a change on a other place is needed.
Has nobody done such things like changing the value of the grey buttons?

Nishant Rso
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Customize Submit Button

Hi Volker,

After updating SUBMIT_BUTTON_CAPTION.TXT run the following script:

update knta_i18n_resources
SET last_updated_by = 10,
last_updated_date = sysdate

it should work then...let me know once you have tried this.


Re: Customize Submit Button

Diego Aguila
Occasional Contributor

Re: Customize Submit Button

Volker I'm having the same problem as you. I modified some inputs of the mentioned table to change some values for labels from the time management module.
I did already everything you mentioned above, plus the supplied solution of updating the modification date, with no results.
Was wondering how you managed to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Customize Submit Button


finally I resolved the issue by modifing the files in itgcore_resources_de.jar (I have a german PPM installation). At least in PPM 8 is a file itgcore_resources_en.jar available. This contains the Text for english installations. The file is located in /server//deploy/itg.war/html/client.
To modify: You must open the jar file in Winzip, open the properties file directly from winzip without extraction (with the internal editor). Modify the file, save it, close winzip. restart ppm.

Good luck.

M. Habitzki
Super Collector

Re: Customize Submit Button

Hello Forum,

I used the methods provided in this thread to try to customize also the Submit Button in PPM 7.1 SP8 but it does not work.

Does anyone have further tips or details how to customize with success?

Just to mention what I tried based on this thread:

The first idea to change the "keys" in PPM Table knta_i18n_resources don´t show any result in the Web-Interface although I cleaned the PPM Cache (kRunCacheManger), restarted the PPM Appl., cleaned the clients Java- and Browser cache.

The last tip from Volker to customize the Submit button in the file "" also didn´t work.
The file "itgcore_resources_en.jar" does not exist on our 7.1. SP8 (english) System neither on an other 7.5 System

But I found the file "" exist in two different location on 7.1, the second one (\server\\work\jboss.web\localhost\itg\loader) is generated when the PPM App. was restarted.

The other location is "\server\\deploy\itg.war\WEB-INF\resources\wb" but changing the "Submit" label here does not display any results too (although restart PPM, clean cache etc.)

I am aware about the disadvantages of this customization.

Ideas are welcome..

Thank`s in advance

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event