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Customising the OOB risk portlet in project summary page

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Customising the OOB risk portlet in project summary page

Hi all,

We have a requirement to customise the Risk portlet available in the project summary page.not sure whether it is java or WSRP portlet. We have to add some additional fields to the existing portlet..we had created a PL/SQL PORTLET but LOG RISK Link is bot working properly in tat case. Can anyone please advice whether thus portlet can be created in PL/SQL with LOG RISK button?else, pls advice how to recreate the same portlet with additional fields?? I have not worked in java portlet so it would be helpful if anyone share the guide for it??is java portlet difficult to implement??

Also, I would like to know will there be after effects if we remove the existing OOB RISK portlet from all projects and adding new customised portlet??

It is little urgent. So please help

Appreciate your response!
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Re: Customising the OOB risk portlet in project summary page

The OOTB Risk Portlet is Java, however, you can create your own Custom Portlet based on any Request Type, and add that to your Project Summary page.


The steps to consider are: (PPM 9.12)

1) Create a DataSource to retrieve the data you need from your Risk Request Type. The DataSource should contain a Filter Field with a Token named: ENTITY_KEY (As an example)  The Filter Field will have a validation similar to: Numeric Text Field (Positive).  The Filter should append the following SQL to the Where Clause: and <your project id> = [P.ENTITY_KEY]

2) Create a Portlet Definition for the above DataSource

3) Edit your “Project Type” definition and add the Portlet Definition to the “Project Overview” section, and…

4) Edit the “Portlet Preferences” and click the “Advanced Defaults” button. Link the Portlet Definition to your Project using the Filter Token: ENTITY_INFO.



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Re: Customizing the BOB risk portlet in project summary page

Thanks for the reply


Please note that we have done those steps and the Risks are getting displayed for new Projects. However for Existing Projects the portlet is not coming up. We got to know that the changes will not be reflected in the existing Projects so we have planned to do it manually. Please let us know if there is any other option to do it other than manually adding to all existing projects.


The issue is if we create a PL/SQL Portlet we are not getting the 'Log Risk' button. Even if we put the eHyperlink, it goes to Risk Page but its not coming back to the Project Page.


Can this be done using PL/SQL report?? If not please suggest how to create a copy of the Risk Java Portlet and make changes as we have not worked in Java potlets.


Also, we would like to know whether there will be any after effects if we remove the OOB Risk Portlet in Projects and add the new portlet in Project Summary page. Our client does not need any customisation so have to make sure whether removing the existing one comes under Customization and will it be available after Upgrade of PPM.


Please suggest. Appreciate your response!