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Custom token does not work with Page Load rule

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Custom token does not work with Page Load rule

We definied a read-only field and populate its value with Page Load rule. Then we use this custom tokn in User Access tab for request type and workflow Security.


When we opened the request, the read-only field displayed the expected value. However the token was not resolved in Approval Detail (workflow security). Also the user in this field can not access the request.


After we saved the request and opened it again, the user in that token can access the request and the token was resolved for the workflow security as well. It looks like the token was only resolved the first time when to save the request (I suppose at the same time the token was saved).


We have many existing requests to apply with the changes on User Access and workflow security.  It's not acceptable to open them and save them manually.


Is there any workaround or automatic way to do it in a mass job, to make the token works for both User Access and Worflow Security without opening and saving requests?



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Re: Custom token does not work with Page Load rule

Hi Judy,


This is happening because the PAGE LOAD rule just populates the value in the expected field but it is not yet stored in the database. When you press <SAVE> then the token value is updated in the database and action buttons become eligible for the user..


Better is: If possible, just write an SQL update code in the execution step and update the token value...PAGE LOAD wont work in this case...



Mohit Agrawal

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Re: Custom token does not work with Page Load rule

Hi Mohit,

I have received the feedback from Product Support with below workaround:

1. search for all requests of a certain request type
2. on results click on "check all" buttom.
3. then click on edit -- mass udpate
4. on mass update donnot modify any filed value, just add a note to be added, the note can be: "massive save of requests for security token purposes".
5. Make the massive update and check that the requests are now containng the note added and also having the desired token evauated for security.

I verified it working as expected.