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Custom Value Field in PFM

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Custom Value Field in PFM


We have a scoring process which we do use outside the tool to generate scores and decide if the proposal should move on to a project, I was was hoping to use the 'Custom Value Field' in the PFM Proposl Header section with its value for portfolio optamizations later.

Would this be the right approach? has anyone been using the 'Custom Value field'.

I was reading through the configuration guide and it says that the field should be updated using 'rules',can't we directly use the value computed to update the field, why are rules necessary.

Thanks for your help.
Matthew Dufresn
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Re: Custom Value Field in PFM

Hi Lizabeth,

You would use a rule to populate the value of this field if you are utilizing a formula such as payback period which calculates the value by evaluating the benefit and budget, much the same way that the ROI is calculated with a formula (ROI=Total Benefit-Total Budget). If you simply wish to have a number in the field that you type manually(i.e. it is not based on a calculation taken from other fields on the form), then you don't need to configure a rule.

Hope this helps.