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Currency ID Issue

Marc Canovas
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Currency ID Issue



I have a custom Portlet which shows Planed and Actuals values from different projects, and I want those values to be shown as currency, including their project local currency symbol. I get the currency_id from the pm_projects REGION_ID field (linking it with knta_regions and kcst_currencies table), but I find that, in the Portlet, I can only view ONE currency symbol, i.e.,the one from the project in the first position. My will is to see each line with its own currency symbol (€, $, etc.), but I'm not able to do this.


Could you help me?






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Re: Currency ID Issue



i suggest to concat cost with currency symbol and display it. 



Marc Canovas
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Re: Currency ID Issue



I thought about this possible solution, but I would like to keep that column as a numeric field, and not alphanumeric, for if we want to export the Portlet to an Excel Document. Anyone could tell me if we are doing something wrong, or simply that's not an option?

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i MarRe: Currency ID Issue

Hi Marc,


since I assume that you are on a current version with PPM, it would be interesting to find out whether the issue is the same regardless of whether the user has the 'edit my profile' set to show base or local currency in financial data. As you know, the local currency is not that of the user but that of the projects region. On the other hand, the base currency would always show financial data in the base currency set when installing PPM.


I also found that there is a defect still being investigated, which I'll enter here. You can follow the status on Self Solve Online:


The “Dashboard Cost Display” setting is the mechanism to control whether local or base currency is displayed in portlets.
It will indicate that when the dashboard display the currency column, which currency symbol and number it should use.
The dashboard doesn’t do any currency calculation work.
PPM needs to tell the dashboard the base currency column, the local currency column, the local currency id column.
There are 2 kinds of portlet definition: builder portlet and Java portlet.

For builder portlets, the you can define the data source for the portlet definition.
In the data source, you can add a data source column with “Currency” column type.

In order to simplify the case, you can select some constants from the dual.
You can see that the you need to specify the base currency value column, local currency value column and the local currency id column.
In PPM, the currencies table is KCST_CURRENCIES and the value “25” is “Euro”.
Then when the user views the portlet created on this datasource, they will see “$ 11,223,344.55” if choosing the “Base Currency” (and if USD is the base currency) and they will see “€22,334,455.66” if choosing the “Local Currency”.


In conclusion, you need to tell the dashboard where to get the data.
For builder portlet, if you define the datasource correctly the portlet will work fine with the “Dashboard Cost Display” setting.
For the java portlet, if it has the hardcoded currency column informations, then it will work fine with the “Dashboard Cost Display” setting. (By default there are 3 OOTB java portlets supporting it.)


Hope that helps.


Best regards,


Marc Canovas
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Re: i MarRe: Currency ID Issue



First of all, thank you very much for your answer.


I answer your post, in different points:


1. I can't see the document you are linking, The document you requested cannot be displayed. It may have been moved or archived.

2. My 'Dashboard Cost Display' setting is 'Local Currency', as you suggest.

3. My problem is that, in my builder portlets, when I specify the local currency id (the same way you explained), I want the currency name to change depending on the project, i.e., I want to show the currency name associated with the project's region. The problem that I got now is that portlets only show one local symbol (indeed, the one associated with the first line project).

4. I've seen that there are java portlets that show different currency symbols with each project, but I don't know how to do this in mine. The query that I use is the following (resuming):


select cu.currency_code CURRENCY

from kcst_currencies cu, knta_regions reg, pm_projects p

where 1=1

and p.region_id = reg.region_id
and reg.currency_id = cu.currency_id



Some ideas?


Thank you