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Create Request from Project workflow

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Create Request from Project workflow


As a newcomer after 2 years, hoping to share and contribute to this forum once again :)

Need experts to help me remind or teach me the new commands in 9.10 as I need to learn a lot in what's going on in 9.10. So here it is:

Scenario: I need to create a proposal request through a project workflow. What would be the best option to get this done? Can I add an execution step in the project workflow and use the existing kcrt_util package to copy or use ksc_copy_request?

I know that I need to have the fields, tokens, validations and storage parameters the same as the source.

In our hospital, its the Project > Proposal. Users need to click on the button 'Create Proposal' during one step of the project workflow step, not too many but some fields need to get copied from project to the proposal.


Thank you all,

Sonali S.