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Create Project from the Menu acting different

Abdullah Rafiq
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Create Project from the Menu acting different

Hi All,

We use the 'Create Project' link from the menu to create projects. During normal behavior, After filling out the standard fields (i.e. Project Name, Start and End Period, Region etc.) we click create and are taken to the Project Overview page. And if you click on the 'Project Details' tab we find that the Project Request is already submitted and is at the first step in the Project workflow process.

This is how it normally works, and then now the normal behavior has changed. After we fill out the fields at 'Create Project' and click 'Create' it takes us to the 'Project Request' form at the 'Not Submitted' step and we have to fill out the required fields and hit 'Submit' before it routes to the 'Project Overview' page.

So in my effort to fix the problem I changed the status dependencies to make any field not required at the Not Submitted step but the problem still exists. We now have to click 'Submit' before the 'Project Overview' page is displayed.

Thoughts? I'm hoping its something simple that I may have overlooked but haven't found it yet. Thanks for the help!
Semenov Alexand
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Re: Create Project from the Menu acting different

I have solution for you. See attachment.
Good luck
Darshan Bavisi
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Re: Create Project from the Menu acting different

Hi Abdullah,

It should be based on the workflow steps and the status dependencies that you have defined. You can check on the first step and status dependency defined in the workflow and that should resolve.

Re: Create Project from the Menu acting different



I kind of have the same problem.I have a project type in a status of it. It is wanted some filed to be not required. I find the status from workflow it uses and changed all the required field to not required. But when I go to the proje to see if the fields not required. I see that they are not affected and still required. We have 9.14 version.




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Re: Create Project from the Menu acting different

Hi Sevcan and Abdullah,


Please check below two things;

  1. Check "Not Submitted" status in status depend. to every thing not required
  2. Check Rules that is there any rule to change field requirement


If above checks not run, please support us with below screenshot to understend what's going wrong.

  1. status depend.
  2. workflow
  3. screen with required fields which you won't to see it
  4. rule list (not details)


PS: Please keep alive our forum via KUDOS the professionals



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