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Create Project - email notification


Create Project - email notification


I have a proposal request that at a point in the workflow uses the ksc_create_project command to create a project.

At this point in the proposal workflow I want to send out a notification to various stakeholders that a project has been created, including the name of the new project and a link to it. 

I'm stuck as to what tokens I can use for this.  I'm fine with the existing proposal data ([REQ.REQUEST_ID_LINK] and [REQ.VP.KNTA_PROJECT_NAME]) but don't know how to access the equivalent values from the newly created project.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Raj Ghimire
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Re: Create Project - email notification

Try doing that from very 1st step of the Project Workflow instead. Should be much easier.

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Re: Create Project - email notification

As Raj mentioned it would be better if you try that in the very 1st step of the project wf. So, you use an immediate execution step just to send the notification using the prj tokens.

Otherwise, you will need to access the equivalent values by using nested tokens i.e. [REQ=xxxx.tokenname] (check Explicit Entity Format on page 57 of the Commands, Tokens, and Validations Guide and Reference, I attached the file in this response).

Hope this helps!.


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