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Cost health indicator in Project

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Cost health indicator in Project

Hi all,,


I have few questions reqarding cost health colour indicator in Project.


1) We have not selected any value in Cost and Earned value Health and cost and Effort in Project Settings. However for few projects, green colour is getting diaplyed in Cost health indicator. for some projects its displyed and for some projects its blank. Ideally it should be blank for all projects as no calcualtion is being done for cost health. can anyone please explain this behaviour?


2) Also, we have an editable drop down field 'Cost health' where user selects the colour code manually and that colour code should be displayed in the cost health colour indicator. I have updated the back-end table PM_project_rollup and the updated colour is dispalying properly in the Project. Can you please confirm whether there will be any impact in doing the update from database?


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