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Cost by resource, effort and task

Occasional Advisor

Cost by resource, effort and task

I am trying to get (by SQL query) the cost (planned and actuals) related to each users that has effort into workplan taks. I mean, If a task has three (3) resources with differents efforts each one, what is the cost by each resource in that taks into the workplan.

I am looking for a table with the specific information but is not possible get it.

All the tables has the total cost of the taks, but not by each resources into the task.


Any one has idea about this issue.


Thank you.

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Re: Cost by resource, effort and task

Try to explore Time Management -> Work Allocation Details (Report)....

In this you may find your table...

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Cost by resource, effort and task

I have the table WP_WORK_UNITS, and I have the work allocations in projects. How I can know the cost of each work unit??? This data is into other table???

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