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Cost Rules and Precedence

Catherine Curti
Respected Contributor.

Cost Rules and Precedence

I have two cost rules..

(1) Resource = null , Resource Type = Onshore, Role = Consultant so rate = $100
(2) Resource = , Resource Type = null, Role = null so rate = $120

Cost Factor order = Resource, Resource Type, Role

I add the to my staffing profile twice for different time periods so that I can see what rate they get charged at.

The first time, I chose Resource Type = Onshore, Role = Consultant and Resource = and I get $100 rate

The second time I add them (during a different quarter) as Resource Type = null, Role = Consultant and Resource = and I get $0 rate

Shouldn't my cost rule (2) kick in and take precedence over (1) as I've named the resource?
Catherine Curti
Respected Contributor.

Re: Cost Rules and Precedence

Ah - I didn't realize that rule #2 would not take effect until the resource was booked by the resource manager.

That makes for an intesting impact on planning. I'm assuming there is no way around this...? I'd prefer to the rule to take affect before being booked so that the PM has a better idea of costs.