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Cost Rules And factors


Cost Rules And factors

Hi there,

In PPM, I've added multiple cost rules for a resource,

One Rule list the rate of the selected resource as "150.00"

While the second ruls is Project specific and I've selected a project as a factor
which says cost rates is "125.00" for that specific project

I'm running the following query for finding out the cost rules for that particular resource, which works fine, but the problem is

I cannot findout the "Project" specific field or relation in the database,

can somebody help me out finding that table? or field which represents the Project factor?

Here's the query

select u.user_id, u.username,
cfv.cost_rule_id, cfv.cost_factor,
cr.effective_start_date, cr.effective_end_date, cr.currency_code, cr.rate
from PPM_USER.KNTA_USERS u inner join
FM_COST_FACTOR_VALS cfv on to_char(user_id) = cost_factor_value inner join
FM_COST_RULES cru on cfv.cost_rule_id = cru.cost_rule_id inner join
FM_COST_RATES cr on cru.cost_rule_id = cr.cost_rule_id
where user_id in (100178)

Alexandru Saven
Super Contributor.

Re: Cost Rules And factors

Hello, Raheel,

the relationship you are looking for is in the FM_COST_FACTOR_VALS table, which must be joined with FM_COST_FACTORS based on the COST_FACTOR column in order to get the desired value.

let me know if this helps

Alex Savencu