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Cost Category changes from database

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Cost Category changes from database

Hi Team,

We are in process of changing some of the "Cost Categories" and I am trying to check impact on this.

We need to change bulk of cost categories to different new ones from the database. So we need to change those bulk from database.

I have followed below process to change them from the database.

1). I have updated labor_category column along with last_update_date and last_updated_by for "rsc_positions" and
also updated last_update_date and last_updated_by columns for "rsc_staffing_profiles" table.

Later after few minutes, when I checked financial summary, still I am seeing old cost category value.

It is not changing to new cost category value. scheduled service "Staffing Profile Financial Summary Sync Service" has been completed successfully and was enabled also.

Can anyone please advise me other than "rsc_positions" and "rsc_staffing_profiles", what other tables that i need to update to reflect this change


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